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Transmission & Drivetrain Flywheels LSDs Short Shifters Performance Clutches : Spoon Sports JDM Magnetic Oil & Transmission Drain Plug Bolt Set
Spoon Sports  - Spoon Sports JDM Honda Acura Drain Plug Bolt Set
Weight: 1.0 lbs
List Price:  $89.95
Sale Price:  $48.40

  • Genuine Spoon Sports Japan Magnetic Oil and Transmission Drain Plug Set
  • From typical wear and tear, your engine and transmission both produce small
    metal shavings and particles
  • If constantly recirculated through the engine and transmission, these can
    increase and accelerate the wear and tear on those parts, decreasing their life
  • In other words those particles kill your engine and transmission faster
  • Thus these Magnetic drain plugs attract and keep those particles from
    recirculating through your engine, thus giving your engine and transmission a
    longer life
  • Engine and Transmission rebuilds can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • These drain plugs will pay for themselves many, many times over
  • Plugs are stainless to never corrode
  • Features holes for fastening a retaining wire so they will never be lost
  • Installs easily with simple hand tools
  • Fits exactly like original bolts

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