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Electronic Engine Management Fuel Ignition Computer Upgrades Wideband AFR Monitor/Tuner :

Jet V-Force PCM Power Control Module Fuel Ignition Computer Nissan 240SX 200SX NX2000 300ZX Altima Maxima Sentra

Jet  - 67007/67008 - Jet 240SX 200SX NX2000 300ZX Altima Maxima Sentra V-Force PCM Fuel Ignition Control Module
Weight: 3.0 lbs
List Price:  $249.99
Sale Price:  $198.20

Jet Performance Products V-Force Power Control Module for all 1990-2002 Nissan 4 Cylinder
and 6 Cylinder models

  • Modifies ignition Curve for maximum performance and higher octane gas
  • Recalibrates Fuel map for maximum horsepower and performance
  • Features a 20Megahertz RISC Microprocessor for real time Fuel and Ignition mapping
  • Features an LED read out
  • Features an On/Off override switch to help avoid problems with emissions testing
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