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Transmission Performance Lite and Ultra-Lite Chromoly and Aluminum Flywheels : Exedy JDM Ultra Light Weight Billet Chromoly Flywheel Toyota MR2 MR-2 4AGE 4A-GE 86-89 Exedy  - Exedy MR2 MR-2 4AGE 4A-GE Ultra-Light Chromoly Flywheel
Weight: 15.0 lbs
List Price:  $537.10
Sale Price:  $348.20

  • Genuine JDM Exedy Chromoly Flywheel
  • Weighs only 14.0 Pounds
  • Original Flywheel is typically approximately 25-30 LBS depending on the engine
  • Made from 100% Billet Chromoly
  • Much better warp and wear resistance than aluminum

  • Let your engine's power go to the wheels, not to rotating your 20+ pound stock

  • Let your engine Rev up faster and Rev down faster too!

  • Features cross drilled holes for ultra-light weight at the edge of the flywheel
    where it makes the most difference by reducing the moment of inertia
  • Produced by Daikin of Japan, an OEM supplier of clutches and flywheels for many
    auto manufacturers

    Fits manual transmission Toyota models:
    • 1986-1989 Toyota MR-2 1.6L with 4AGE motor

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    Typically ships in 2-3 weeks

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