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Transmission & Drivetrain Flywheels LSDs Short Shifters Performance Clutches :

Competition Clutch ULTRA Light weight Chromoly Flywheel Honda Civic CRX DelSol SOHC D15 D15A D16 D16Z D16Y DOHC D16A ZC

Competition Clutch  - Competition Clutch ULTRA Light Weight Honda Civic CRX DelSol SOHC D15 D15A D16 D16Z D16Y, DOHC D16A ZC Forged Flywheel
Weight: 10.5 lbs
List Price:  $249.00
Sale Price:  $194.20

  • Competition Clutch Forged 4140 Chromoly Flywheel
  • Weighs approximately 9.5 LBS.
  • Stock flywheel is typically approximately 19-22 LBS.
  • Reduced mass equals increased acceleration and quicker deceleration
  • Produces improved mid-range torque in normally aspirated engines due to reduced rotational mass
  • Works particularly well with turbo-charged engines to reduce turbo lag
  • Increases supercharger efficiency due to reduced rotational mass
  • CNC machined Forged 4140 Chromoly Steel
  • Competition Clutch offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Competition Clutch Forged Chromoly Flywheels meet SFI Spec 1.1 or 1.2
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