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Useful Tools, Tool Kits, and Emergency Roadside and Highway Assistance kits from Maxam, Moroso, Yorkcraft, Zex, and more... if you can't find it here, check back with us.

New parts added to weekly!
Dirt Magic Wet Dry 12V DC Auto Vac Car Vacuum w/ Flash Light
List Price:  $24.95
Sale Price:  $18.40
Dirt Magic Wet/Dry Automotive Vacuum w/Light
Maxam 25 Piece Tool Set w/Storage Case, Integrated Flashlight
List Price:  $20.95
Sale Price:  $15.60
Maxam 25 Piece Tool Set w/Storage Case and Integrated Flashlight
Yorkcraft 41 Piece Highway Roadside Emergency Kit
List Price:  $31.95
Sale Price:  $24.40
Yorkcraft 41 Piece Highway Emergency Kit
Maxam Dual Flash/ Emergency Light and Tool Kit
List Price:  $61.95
Sale Price:  $34.20
Maxam Dual Flash/Emergency Light and Tool Kit
Moroso Crank Pulley Wrench Honda Accord Civic CRX DelSol Prelude Acura Integra
List Price:  $99.95
Sale Price:  $66.80
Moroso Crankshaft Pulley Wrench
Zex / Comp Cams Camshaft Break-In Lubricant (Pro Cam Lube 152)

List Price:  $14.99
Sale Price:  $12.94
Zex/CompCams Break-in Pro Cam Lube
Averatec Voya 350 Portable Handheld Mobile GPS - PG135-AA1
List Price:  $379.99
Sale Price:  $350.00
Averatec Voya 350 Portable Handheld Mobile GPS

NGK Powerdex AFX Wideband Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Monitor/Tuner with Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor

List Price:  $399.00
Sale Price:  $256.00
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NGK AFX - True A/F (AFR) Wideband Monitor and Tuner with Bosch O2 Sensor
New Low Intoductory Price!

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