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Intake Systems Manifolds and Throttle Bodies :
Honda Acura DC5 Integra RSX Type-S and Type=R K20 K20A K20C Overbore 70mm Throttle Body
eRP  - Honda Acura RSX Type-S Type-R K20 K20A K20C Bored 70mm Throttle Body
Weight: 7.0 lbs
List Price:  $299.00
Sale Price:  $229.00

Send us your Throttle Body to be Precision Bored Throttle body
Click HERE to view a CLOSE-UP of the Bored throttle body inlet, and
Click HERE to view a CLOSE-UP of the throttle body comparison

  • Make Real Power at an affordable price!!!

  • Core is required

  • 5-8 HP depending on other parts

  • Our machine shop will precision bore your throttle body to the following
    • 70mm Tapered to 64mm
  • Use your Genuine Honda Throttle Body

  • 100% Precision Machined

  • Made by Honda Japan, so you KNOW IT WORKS and FITS PERFECTLY


  • Send your K20 Throttle Body to:
      ATTN: TB Bore K20
      25 W Belle Isle Rd.
      Atlanta, GA 30342
      United States
Turn around time is approximately two weeks from the time we receive your throttle body
IF you would like to Order... Email Us at with your request

or Fax your request and information to 404.256.3248
Be sure to package your Throttle Body VERY SAFELY, and ship it with tracking and insurance. We cannot under any circumstances be responsible for items damaged during transit.
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