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Fmax/Turbonetics Bolt-on Kits :
Fmax Turbonetics Complete Bolt-onTurbo Kit Honda Prelude 92-01
Turbonetics  - Prelude Bolt-on Turbo Kit
Weight: 99.0 lbs
List Price:  $3,960.00
Sale Price:  $3,048.00

COMPLETE bolt-on, turbo system including Intercooler for

1992-2001 Honda Prelude models
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Makes approximately 250HP on non-Vtec models and 2750HP on Vtec models!

  • Turbonetics spec. Garrett T3/T4 Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Features Large Genuine Spearco front mount Intercooler system
  • Mild Steel ceramic coated, mandrel bent downpipe for heat retention
    and more power
  • Downpipe features closed-loop wastegate discharge
  • High carbon Cast steel exhaust manifold with Ceramic coating for
    lasting resistance to cracking
    and better heat retention for quicker turbo spool
  • Turbonetics "Evolution" external Wastegate assembly included
  • Turbonetics "Raptor" blowoff valve assembly included
  • 4 - replacement injectors included
  • Electronic Fuel and Timing computer with pretuned fuel and timing for
    your engine
  • High flow K&N style cone air filter intake system included
  • Powder coated thin wall mild steel piping for heat resistance and
    lasting good looks
  • All necessary high quality Silicone Hoses, T-Bolt Clamps, gaskets,
    hardware, etc.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions included prodides for an 8-12
    hour straight forward installation
  • FREE Case of Turbonetics TS-1 synthetic motor oil
  • Assembled in the USA

    Compare our prices to Summit,, Modacar, etc. We're LOW!

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